Strap On Phone Sex

Posted by on 28th February , 2014

Strapon Phonesex

Soooo…I had a package come in the mail today from one of my many, many admirers. (You know who you are.) I gave him an assignment to find a dildo that looks EXACTLY like the kind of dick he’d want to fuck. Then, I told him to buy it and send it to me so that I can put it in my strap on for him.

It arrived on my front porch today, so your favorite Femdom Goddess absolutely had to tear into it right then to see what he’d picked out.

Of course, the little slut found one so big that it’ll barely fit into my strap on harness. It’s long, thick, black, and utterly ridiculous. I just can’t WAIT to use it on someone.

Don’t think I’m going to wait to use it on the bitch boy who bought it for me, either. It’ll be first come, first served when it comes to this. And, besides, he’ll probably love the humiliation of knowing that he bought a dildo for me that I’ve used on a ton of other dudes, too, LOLOLOL.

Want some strap on phone sex with your favorite Mistress? You boys know what to do. Pick up that phone and call me right now!


Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 25th February , 2014

Blackmail Phonesex

One of the best parts about being a financial Mistress is figuring out the perfect way to take a dude’s money away from him. I’ve got lots of different ways of doing it, but it’s lots of fun learning the best way to go about doing it for each guy.

Some of you need to treat me like a Goddess and worship me by giving me lots of tithes. Others want to take care of me, like I’m your high-maintenance girlfriend or you’re my sugar Daddy.

And then there are those of you who want to play a more dangerous game….For you, there is blackmail.

Extorting money from losers is one of my specialties. It’s oh-so-easy for me to win your trust by being a sympathetic listening ear. But I’m not listening because I’m care. I’m listening so carefully because I’m filing away all the information you’re giving me in my head. Then, I’ll just wait until I think it will be of the most use to me before I pull it out. *Laughs*

Do you think you’re up for this dangerous game? I suppose there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? Call your Goddess Ina now at the number below.


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 21st February , 2014

Cuckold Phonesex

Heya, boys! What are your plans for this weekend? Something good, I hope. I’m tired of pretending to feel sorry for you losers who sit at home by yourselves every weekend, LOLOLOL.

As for me, well, I’ve got a date. With one of my big black cock-having friends, at that. Ok, let me tell the truth. He’s wayyyyy more than a friend. We passed that threshold a long time ago, LOL.

I plan on having a great time this weekend, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed. I might even save a few stories to tell you boys once it’s all said and done. Maybe. What are you willing to pay me to hear them? I know how much you love interracial cuckolding, after all. 😉

In fact, I bet you’ll keep THAT mental image of me in your mind all weekend. So maybe I should take back what I said about hoping you have plans for the weekend. It’ll probably be better for you to sit at home alone and jerk it if that’s what’s gonna be stuck in your mind. Having plans will just be a distraction, LOL.

Gimme a call Sunday night or Monday during the day if you wanna hear all the juicy details….


Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th February , 2014

Body Worship Phonesex

Hey, guys!

I bet you really love that pic up there, don’t you? Well, I can’t say that I blame you. Your Femdom phone sex Goddess IS super-hot, after all. 😉

I’ve got an awesome body, and I don’t mind showing it off…especially if it gets me something that I want. I find that it works pretty well for that purpose, LOL.

For example, I love being admired. I REALLY love it when men pay me for the privilege of admiring me. I guess that’s why I like body worship sessions with you guys so much. Why shouldn’t you spend your money and totally spoil and adore me at the same time? I can’t imagine anything more fun, especially for me, but for you as well.

I’d let you start with my feet and slowly work your way up. Or at least you can work your way up after you’ve proven to me that you can serve me properly. But surely you can do that, right? 😉

Call me and show me, boys. You never know what might happen if you can please your Goddess well enough….


GFE Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th February , 2014

Phonesex Girlfriend

Heya, boys! Happy Valentine’s Day to you. 😀

So what are you guys up to tonight? Probably not much, huh? Me, I’m about to go out with one of my favorite guys, but I wanted to write a little thing real quick to wish you all a happy day today. Or at least as happy as it can be for those of you who are stuck sitting at home by yourself this Valentine’s Day, LOL.

But let me offer you a consolation prize. Tomorrow is half-price chocolate day, for one, so go buy yourself some candy. Then, when you get back home, call me for some GFE phone sex. (That means “Girlfriend Experience” for those of you who don’t know.) So even though no real girl is going to want to hook up with you, you can have my undivided attention if you’re willing to pay enough for it.

Now doesn’t that sound delightful?

So go on to bed early tonight, boys. You’ll need the rest for what I have planned for you tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!


CFNM Phone Sex

Posted by on 10th February , 2014

CFNM Phonesex

Heya, boys. What’s up? Yeah, yeah, I know. Your dicks are up. *Eyeroll* What ELSE is up?

Ok, I already know what your answer is. “Nothing.” Why? Because your dicks are hard, and men are only able to focus on one thing at a time, especially when they’ve got a hard-on. So I’ve got a suggestion for you. Since you’re so obsessed with your dick today, why don’t you stand up and show it off for me?

Yeah, I’m talking about CFNM, bitches. I mean, surely you didn’t think I was going to get naked for you, too. The privilege of seeing me naked is reserved only for very special men, not for losers like you.

What are you waiting for? Strip and show me what you’ve got. I need a good laugh today. I already know you’ve got a tiny one, so I’m sure to get at least a giggle or two out of it.

Of course, CFNM is just the beginning of your humiliation phone sex experience with your Goddess, but we’ve gotta start somewhere. It seems to me like as good of a place as any. So get those clothes off and call me now!!!


Ignore Line Phone Sex

Posted by on 6th February , 2014

Ignore Line Phonesex

Heya, boys! What’s on your minds today? Actually, you know what? Don’t even bother answering that because right now, I really don’t care.

I have other things to concern myself with at the moment than your thoughts and feelings. Things like getting ready for this weekend’s upcoming fun, for example.

But don’t think that means I don’t still want your money. My love for financial domination is always strong, even when my love for my money slaves isn’t. So you can always send me your cash, even when I’m not around to deal with you.

There are lots of ways to do this, of course. You can just send me big tributes, for instance, or you can call my ignore line, which is always fun. I’m a really big fan of this because it means I can drain your wallet indefinitely. I just lay the phone down and let the minutes pass by–at my usual rate, of course. The longer you stay on, the more I can take from you without even have to speak to you at all.

That must be so humiliating for you…which I’m sure is why you losers love it so much!

Want some? Come get it then.


Wanker Wanker

Posted by on 4th February , 2014

Mathew Davies you fucking wanker….. isn’t smart to play with Goddessina.

Video to come soon.

Forced Bi Phone Sex

Posted by on 4th February , 2014

Forced Bi Phonesex

Sooo…what kinda plans do you boys have for Valentine’s Day? I have a few plans in the works myself, but we’ll just have to see what happens there. 😉

I’m sure some of you have wives or girlfriends you’ll be spending the day with. The rest of you will be all by yourselves, which means you can call me if I happen to be available. I’ll even be nice and find you someone to spend the happy day with. What do you think?

See, I’m always down to watch some boy-on-boy action, and that includes on V-Day. And I figure that if you’re spending the day all alone, you’ll need the companionship badly enough that it’ll make a forced bi scene the easiest thing in the world, LOL.

Besides, I’m sure you’re secretly dying for a cock in one or both of your holes right now, anyway, so you’ll probably appreciate the fact that I’ve made it this easy for you.

Well, you boys know what to do. You want to be on your knees for one of my friends (or even one of my lovers), grab that phone and call up your favorite phone sex Femdom.


Sissy Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th January , 2014

Sissy Phonesex

Heya, guys! Where are all my little sissy boys today? I hope you’re all dressed up and ready to perform for me today.

But if you’re not quite ready yet, I suppose I can give you a hand. I mean, I’m pretty good at feminization, if I do say so myself. If you can’t dress yourself, I’m sure I can figure out something to do with your little sissy ass.

On the other hand, my sissy phone sex calls are hardly ever dedicated to ONLY dressing you up. To me, that’s the “foreplay” part. It’s something fun to do before you get to the main event, but it doesn’t work as the main event by itself.

When I play with a sissy, I like having him do things for me. The dirtier, the better. Maybe I’ll use my strap on on him, or maybe I’ll bring some of my male friends over and tell him to service them. Or maybe I’ll do all manner of nasty things to him. It depends on how I’m feeling on that particular day.

Do you want to be Goddess Ina’s little sissy slut? Of course you do. Well, lucky for you, it’s easy to do. Just get your phone and give me a call at the number below.

Talk to you soon….