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Strap On Phone Sex

Posted by on 28th February , 2014

Soooo…I had a package come in the mail today from one of my many, many admirers. (You know who you are.) I gave him an assignment to find a dildo that looks EXACTLY like the kind of dick he’d want to fuck. Then, I told him to buy it and send it to me so […]

Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 25th February , 2014

One of the best parts about being a financial Mistress is figuring out the perfect way to take a dude’s money away from him. I’ve got lots of different ways of doing it, but it’s lots of fun learning the best way to go about doing it for each guy. Some of you need to […]

Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 21st February , 2014

Heya, boys! What are your plans for this weekend? Something good, I hope. I’m tired of pretending to feel sorry for you losers who sit at home by yourselves every weekend, LOLOLOL. As for me, well, I’ve got a date. With one of my big black cock-having friends, at that. Ok, let me tell the […]

Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th February , 2014

Hey, guys! I bet you really love that pic up there, don’t you? Well, I can’t say that I blame you. Your Femdom phone sex Goddess IS super-hot, after all. 😉 I’ve got an awesome body, and I don’t mind showing it off…especially if it gets me something that I want. I find that it […]

GFE Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th February , 2014

Heya, boys! Happy Valentine’s Day to you. 😀 So what are you guys up to tonight? Probably not much, huh? Me, I’m about to go out with one of my favorite guys, but I wanted to write a little thing real quick to wish you all a happy day today. Or at least as happy […]

CFNM Phone Sex

Posted by on 10th February , 2014

Heya, boys. What’s up? Yeah, yeah, I know. Your dicks are up. *Eyeroll* What ELSE is up? Ok, I already know what your answer is. “Nothing.” Why? Because your dicks are hard, and men are only able to focus on one thing at a time, especially when they’ve got a hard-on. So I’ve got a […]

Ignore Line Phone Sex

Posted by on 6th February , 2014

Heya, boys! What’s on your minds today? Actually, you know what? Don’t even bother answering that because right now, I really don’t care. I have other things to concern myself with at the moment than your thoughts and feelings. Things like getting ready for this weekend’s upcoming fun, for example. But don’t think that means […]

Wanker Wanker

Posted by on 4th February , 2014

Mathew Davies you fucking wanker….. isn’t smart to play with Goddessina. Video to come soon.

Forced Bi Phone Sex

Posted by on 4th February , 2014

Sooo…what kinda plans do you boys have for Valentine’s Day? I have a few plans in the works myself, but we’ll just have to see what happens there. 😉 I’m sure some of you have wives or girlfriends you’ll be spending the day with. The rest of you will be all by yourselves, which means […]

Sissy Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th January , 2014

Heya, guys! Where are all my little sissy boys today? I hope you’re all dressed up and ready to perform for me today. But if you’re not quite ready yet, I suppose I can give you a hand. I mean, I’m pretty good at feminization, if I do say so myself. If you can’t dress […]