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Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th February , 2014

Hey, guys! I bet you really love that pic up there, don’t you? Well, I can’t say that I blame you. Your Femdom phone sex Goddess IS super-hot, after all. 😉 I’ve got an awesome body, and I don’t mind showing it off…especially if it gets me something that I want. I find that it […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 6th January , 2014

If you’ve, like, ever read my blog before, you know that I LOVE body worship. Love, love, LOVE it! So it works out well that a bunch of you guys are into to it, too, right? Another thing you probably already know is that, of all the different body worship types, my personal favorite is […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 4th December , 2013

You know, I really like to look at myself in the mirror, especially when I’m all dressed up and ready to go out. I’m smokin’ hot, which you boys already know VERY well. So I don’t hate when boys wanna look at me, too. I mean, I do the same thing myself, so I can […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 17th October , 2013

Hey, guys! Now, I know what you’re doing right now. You’re looking at that pic up there of me and my GLORIOUS ass and imagining all the things you’d love to do with it. Oh, come on. You’re not fooling anyone. I already know the truth. It’s ok. I’ll forgive you for being so pervy, […]

Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th September , 2013

All men think I’m a Goddess. That’s just one of those things that’s kind of a fact of life or whatever. I accept it and move on. But because they all think I’m a Goddess, they also want to worship me. I’m cool with that, too. I like being the recipient of body worship from […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th August , 2013

I’m pretty sure there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t catch some guy ogling my ass. It’s a very nice ass, sure, but you boys just go absolutely crazy over it, LOL! That includes my phone guys and guys I run into during my day-to-day life. The ogling part doesn’t really do […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 5th July , 2013

Heya, boys. I’ve seen you looking at my ass time and time again. I know how much you wanna touch it. And who can blame you? It is a very, very nice ass. 😉 I’ll even allow you to get your hands on it because I’m so nice and generous and giving like that. I […]

Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th May , 2013

Hello there, boys! Come close and tell me how much you love and adore your Goddess. Actually, you don’t *have* to tell me. I already know. It’s just nice to hear it right from your lips. You know what else that you can do for your Goddess? You can worship me. body worship is another […]

Facesitting Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th April , 2013

Hello again, boys. Have you come back to drool over your Goddess’s perfect body again? Oh, how silly of me. There was really no need to even ask that question, was there? Of COURSE you’re here to drool over me. You do it all the time, so why should today be any different, right? Ok, […]

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 23rd February , 2013

Hey there, sluts! Now, I know you’re just DYING to show your Femdom phone sex Goddess how much you adore her…right? Well, I’m going to give you the chance to do exactly that, assuming you can do what I tell you to do. Are you ready? You see, today, your Goddess just so happens to […]