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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd October , 2013

What’s up, losers? Are you little humiliation sluts ready to play with me today? You’d better be, LOLOLOL. I’ve got so many humiliation tools in my arsenal that I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in most countries. Oh, well. Whatever. Since when did any rules apply to a Goddess? I can use any of these things […]

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 27th February , 2013

You know, sometimes boys like you just need to be put in their places. I’ve got a whole bunch of ways to do because, hey, that’s what I do. Different kinds of humiliation are necessary ’cause what humiliates one dude might just make another dude’s dick hard. But every guy has at least one thing […]

Femdom Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th September , 2012

You know, just because I don’t look like your stereotypical “Mistress” or whatever doesn’t mean I don’t know exactly how your mind works and how to deal with losers like you. I am fully aware of my power over you and my inherent Female Supremacy, so there’s no way that you’re going to pull one […]

Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 21st July , 2012

Sissy phone sex is fun and all, but sometimes, you get these really lame dudes who aren’t into it. If I’m in the mood to see a man wearing women’s clothing, then that’s what I want to see, you know? And I don’t really care if that’s “your thing” or not. The halfway intelligent men […]

Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 19th May , 2012

Hey there, sissy sluts. Or maybe I should say soon-to-be sissy sluts….Hehe. I suppose if you read the title of this blog, then you already know it’s about forced feminization. Congratulations for not being a total fucking idiot. Now, let’s see how long we can keep this streak of yours up, shall we? It can […]

Sissy Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th April , 2012

One of the things I really love to do to men is a total sissy phone sex transformation. As a complete girly-girl myself, I’m extremely good at turning men into simpering, prancing little sissies. Most of the time, it’s because these boys come to me, just begging to be turned into little sissy bitches for […]