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Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted by on 9th January , 2014

Helping boys make total asses of themselves is just what I do. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it totally counts as quality entertainment in my book. Sure, I can say mean things to them during small penis humiliation. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee you that I’ll do that because it’s amusing to me. […]

SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 9th November , 2013

Soooo…tell me something. Just how small IS your itty-bitty dick? Oh, don’t even try to lie to me. I already know that it’s small. You wouldn’t be reading a post about small penis humiliation if it weren’t. You’d just scroll on past it and say, “Oh, that doesn’t apply to me.” But you’re still here, […]

CFNM Phone Sex

Posted by on 28th September , 2013

No matter what you guys may say when I ask you, I know the truth. You love to show off your dicks, even if they’re tiny and laughable. It’s a man thing. You can’t get away from it. That’s just how it is. Of course, me being me, I like to use your exhibitionist tendencies […]

SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 23rd August , 2013

What’s up, losers? This is your favorite Femdom phone sex Goddess, coming at you to laugh at your pathetic dicks, LOLOLOL! What? You didn’t expect anything else, did you? Come at me with a small cock, and you get laughed at. That’s just how this shit works. I’m thinking a little CFNM would be a […]

Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th June , 2013

Hey there, losers! How are all my small penis humiliation fans doing tonight? Me? I’m doing great! Why? Because one of my favorite BBC lovers is on his way over as we speak. He’s got a little ways to drive, so it’ll be a bit before he gets here. But whatever, he’s on his way, […]

SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 31st May , 2013

Ok, so…I already know that you’ve got a small cock, or you wouldn’t be here reading this post right now. It’s not a matter of IF you’re eligible for small penis humiliation, but just how much of it you deserve. (Hint: That depends on how small and pathetic you are.) Of course, you know what […]

Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th March , 2013

So, guys…tell me something. What’s it like always being the one who’s laughed at? The one who’s always the butt of the jokes? The one who’ll never get lucky, the one who’ll never get the girl, the one who always goes home with blue balls? Must suck for you. I wouldn’t know, of course. I’ve […]

Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 31st January , 2013

Hey there, guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m in a particularly good mood today, since it’s nearly time for the weekend. All my weekends tend to be exciting, but this one is going to be really awesome because I’ve got a date with my favorite bull tomorrow night. Yes, cuckolds, you heard that […]

SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th January , 2013

I wonder why submissive men tend to have small dicks. Does knowing that their dicks are tiny and knowing that they’ll be unable to satisfy a woman in the normal way lead them to take up the submissive role in order to please her in some other way? Or is there something else to it? […]

Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd December , 2012

Heya, losers! I have good news for those of you who like being laughed at and degraded. Your Femdom phone sex Goddess is in the mood to laugh at you today. Aren’t you pleased? Of course you are! The thing I like best about humiliation is that it offers so many choices. There are a […]