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Cock Teasing Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th January , 2014

I love to play tease and denial games with the boys who call me. Most of you are losers and money pigs, but I also like to tease my phone boyfriends as well. All of you guys like getting my attention like this, and I love tying you up in knots and watching to see […]

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Posted by on 20th January , 2014

Hey, guys! I know this is kinda random, but whatever. It’s my blog, so I’ll talk about whatever I want, right? You know what I love? Ice cream! Actually, I’m pretty sure that most everybody likes ice cream. And do you know what I love on my ice cream? Toppings! Being the Goddess that I […]

Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 12th December , 2013

Men are so easy to toy with. I love to do it, but it doesn’t present much of a challenge, you know? All I’ve gotta do is look hot or whisper a few dirty words in your ear or whatever, and then I’ve got you in the palm of my hand. Easy? Yes. Amusing? Also […]

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Posted by on 8th December , 2013

Heya, boys. Let’s talk about masturbation for a minute. I know, it’s like one of your favorite things. I won’t judge you. I mean, if I were a dude with a small dick and couldn’t get laid, I’d probably jack off all the time, too. I might even call a beautiful woman like me to […]

Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 28th October , 2013

What’s up, boys? Wait, no, lemme guess. Your dicks! I win the prize, right? The prize, of course, is you calling me up for me to show off my killer cock teasing skills. And paying for the privilege, naturally. Pay to play, boys. Pay to play. But once you do, you’re going to get the […]

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th October , 2013

You know, as much as I talk about tease and denial and stuff like that, I think it surprises dudes when I actually *let* them cum. And it should because it’s a privilege and not a right. So if I let you blow your load, rule number one is that you should be appropriately grateful. […]

Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th September , 2013

Men with small cocks are just sooooo funny to me. We both know that there’s absolutely nothing their little dicks can do for me, but they still try, anyway. But, nope, it never works. Their wallets can do something for me, but their little wee-wees just can’t. Sorry, guys. But I know you can’t help […]

Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th July , 2013

You know something? Men are so much fun to tease! Must be why I’m so good at it, huh? Years of practice and all that. 😉 Plus, they get all stupid when their dicks are hard. Doubly so when they’ve got blue balls. And you know, I just can’t help but fuck with them. It’s […]

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th June , 2013

Heya, boys! What’s going on today? Are those little cocks of yours all nice and hard for me? Well, that was a stupid question. They’re always hard when you’re around me. Being on my site counts as “around me,” after all, so you’ve obviously got a (tiny) hard-on right now. Good for you, LOLOLOL! So […]

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 27th May , 2013

Oh, wow, is it Memorial Day weekend already? God, it seems like just a few weeks ago that I was shivering my ass off and hoping winter would be over soon. Truth be told, I’m happy that Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived. It means that summer’s finally here. And with the arrival of summer […]