Cocksucking Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th February , 2013

Cocksucking Phonesex

Men like you belong on your knees.

Well, you always belong on your knees in front of me, of course. Worshipping your Goddess is kind of an important thing. But that’s not what I’m talking about today…or at least not all I’m talking about.

I like to see the humiliation on a man’s face when I bring him up close and personal to his very first cock. Usually, the way it works is that I have one of my favorite studs come over. Then, I have my slave boy kneel on the floor, and my stud walks over in front of him. I help stud unbutton his pants and pull his big dick out, and then I hold it up to slave boy’s face.

They are never really sure how to react. They’re afraid to do much of anything because they don’t want to make me angry. That’s why, when I tell them to suck it, they do it, even if they don’t want to. They know that a cocksucking phone sex session, no matter how embarrassing it is, is still better than risking my wrath by refusing to do it.

Of course, they almost always end up gobbling it down very enthusiastically by the end, and I then have a brand-new cock whore on my hands. It just takes a little while to get there.

Call Goddess Ina now and let me make your forced cocksucking fantasies suddenly become…not so forced! LOL!


Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th February , 2013

Foot Fetish Phonesex

Hey, guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! :p

I hope you’ve got a gift for your money Mistress today. I’ll be counting on it, you know.

Of course, it’s gonna take more than just a gift to spoil me properly, you know. I expect attention and proper amounts of groveling as well. You do know that, right?

I guess that’s why I’m kinda hoping that some of you foot fetish boys give me a call today. Nobody else is quite as good at lavishing attention and groveling as footboys are, LOL!

Yeah, I think seeing a man on his knees at my feet is just what I need today. You can give me a foot massage and worship them like a good little foot slave. I’ll rub them all over your naked body and giggle at your tiny little dick, and you’ll tell me how unworthy we both know that you are. Then, I’ll rub my feet in your face like I’m trying to put out a cigarette, and you’ll have to try not to cum all over yourself, LOL!

Don’t keep me waiting! I might change my mind. That’s my prerogative, you know. So get that phone and start dialing if you wanna have some foot fetish phone sex with me!


Financial Domination Phone Sex

Posted by on 12th February , 2013

Financial Domination Phonesex

Let’s be honest here for a moment, shall we?

We both know that nobody can drain your wallet quite like I can. That’s why you keep coming back to me over and over and over again. I know how to financially enslave you and give you the kind of humiliation that you crave the most at the same time.

What can I say? I’m very talented.

Besides, you know that you don’t deserve a dime of that money you make. You’re not worthy of it, which is why you have to find someone who is worthy of it to whom to give it. And I am MORE than worthy, so I’m going to take everything I want from you and leave you with just enough that you don’t starve. A dead slave is no good for financial domination and can’t keep me in the style to which I am accustomed.

Speaking of financial domination, I hope you haven’t forgotten that Valentine’s Day is in two days. That means you need to have a great gift ready for your Femdom phone sex Goddess…or at the very least a hefty tribute. If you don’t, I’ll be very disappointed. You don’t want that, do you?

You won’t like me when I’m disappointed, slave boy, so I suggest you take steps to make sure that I’m pleased. Understood? Great!


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 31st January , 2013

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex

Hey there, guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m in a particularly good mood today, since it’s nearly time for the weekend. All my weekends tend to be exciting, but this one is going to be really awesome because I’ve got a date with my favorite bull tomorrow night.

Yes, cuckolds, you heard that right. You’ll have something to fuel all your masturbatory fantasies for the next few days–the idea of what’s going to happen with my big black stud *after* our date, LOL!

I know how obsessed you are with big black cocks, and I have to say that I don’t really blame you. They’re certainly a lot better than YOUR tiny little white pricks. The things you’ve got between your legs are only good for small penis humiliation. But BBC is what makes a woman like me smile for days.

Now, if you’ll all be good boys and not touch those pathetic little things you call dicks until you talk to me again, I promise to give you all the details of my date and the great fucking I’m sure to get afterwards. Just call me at the number below for interracial cuckold phone sex to get all the naughty details!


Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th January , 2013

Blackmail Phonesex

Hey there, boys.

Tell me…do you have some secrets that your Goddess needs to know about?

Of course you do. All of you, no matter how insignificant you are, have secrets that you don’t want anyone to know about. But only a few of you are brave enough and foolish enough to tell your money Mistress about them because you know that I will take advantage of your weakness. 😉

For those of you who do enjoy walking on the wild side in that way, I promise you, I’ll play hardball with you. You won’t be able to resist my wiles or deny me what I want because I will absolutely reveal your secrets–and to the people you least want to know about them.

Even if you think you can resist me, I’ll get the information out of you some way, be it through forced intoxication or some other means. I have yet to meet the man who wouldn’t spill eventually, and I sincerely doubt you’ll be the one who won’t.

Can you handle real blackmail phone sex? I guess there’s really only way to find out, isn’t there?

Call me, Goddess Ina, now and confess all your sins to me. This should be fun, LOL!


Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd January , 2013

Body Worship Phonesex

Unlike some people I could name, I’m sexy, and I know it. This isn’t just an opinion I’m sharing with you. I mean, take a look at me. It’s an indisputable fact!

Luckily, I’m willing to share this sexy body of mine…in certain ways. I won’t fuck you, of course, because I know you’re completely not fuck-worthy material. On the other hand, I’m willing to let you worship most parts of me if you have a nice, fat wallet!

Yes, that’s right. You’re going to treat me like a Goddess–tithe me with some financial domination, confess all your sins to me, and then worship me in the ways that I see fit. You can handle that, right?

I will give you body worship directions for you to follow, and you will follow them to the letter, lest you fall out of favor with your Goddess. (You really don’t wanna know what happens if that happens.) But I know you. You’ll be good because you so desperately want to worship me and don’t want that privilege and others taken away from you. Right?

Well, what are you waiting for? Call Goddess Ina now for some body worship phone sex with the hottest Goddess of them all!


Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th January , 2013

Tease And Denial Phonesex

Hey there, boys! How are you? Your Femdom phone sex Goddess is doing great, as usual. I hope your wallets are nice and full…just like your balls are about to be. 😉

As you already know, I just love teasing those itty bitty pricks you boys have. But it’s not just the teasing that makes it exciting for me. It’s the denial, too. You wouldn’t believe the rush of power I get when you ask me if I’ll please, please, please let you cum today…and I say no! LOL!

You’re always so desperate to get me to tell you “Yes, you can cum” after I’ve been teasing you for awhile. But you should know by now that begging only gets you in trouble. The more you beg, the longer you’re going to have to wait for it….And, believe me, my patience will last much, much longer than yours will.

Tease and denial is one of the great joys of my life, so you should be extremely happy that I want to share it with you, of all people. That’s why you need to pick up your phone right now and call your Goddess Ina to experience it with me. You know, before I change my mind about wanting to share it with YOUR ass.


Cum Eating Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th January , 2013

Cum Eating Phonesex

What’s up, sluts? Have you been up to anything dirty and naughty lately? Silly Ina–of course you have! It’s what you do, after all.

Well, since you boys love to be nasty, I’ve got something in mind for you to do for me. This goes especially for those of you into guided masturbation and tease and denial. I know how badly you want to cum at the end of those calls, so…here’s your chance.

I’ll let you cum on one condition. If you’ve read the title of this blog, you already know what it is. But just in case some of you are less than observant, I’ll tell you what it is, anyway. If I allow you to cum, you’re going to have to lick every drop of it up and show me how good you are at being a little cum eating slut. Capice?

Of course, if you get all reluctant at the end, I’ll make sure you do it, anyway. You may be wondering how I can do that, but let’s just say I have my ways. *Laughs*

Call me now to start your cum eating phone sex session. Who knows, you may like it so much that it becomes your new favorite fetish. 😉


SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th January , 2013

SPH Phonesex

I wonder why submissive men tend to have small dicks. Does knowing that their dicks are tiny and knowing that they’ll be unable to satisfy a woman in the normal way lead them to take up the submissive role in order to please her in some other way? Or is there something else to it?

Eh, who knows?

I’m not terribly worried about motivation, really. I just like humiliating dudes with small dicks, and being a phone sex Mistress is a great way to make that happen. So you guys can just keep coming at me with those teeny weenies, and I’ll keep laughing at them, ok?

I suppose it’s a good thing you’ve learned to love small penis humiliation, since that’s exactly what you’ll be getting from me, LOL! Whether I’ll let you cum or not after I’m finished amusing myself at your expense remains to be seen, though.

Aww, you thought enduring a long SPH phone sex session entitled you to your silly little orgasm? Hahaha, no! Not in my world, anyway. Laughing at you is my prerogative, as is deciding whether or not I’m going to let you shoot your load. But I suppose you’ll find that out for yourself soon enough.

Call me, humiliation sluts!


Ignore Line Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th January , 2013

Ignore Line Phonesex

Hello, boys! It’s your favorite financial domination Goddess, coming at you again for some more wallet-draining fun. 😉

In a lot of respects, I am a very, very picky Goddess. I am extremely selective about the men I fuck, the clothes I wear, the kinds of gifts I’ll accept, the kinds of slaves I allow to serve me, and so forth. A woman like me can afford to be choosy, after all, so why shouldn’t I exercise that privilege?

Buuuut…when it comes to money slaves, I’m not the least bit picky. I’ll take cash from anyone!

On the other hand, just because I’m raping your wallet doesn’t mean you’re worthy of my attention. Some of you will be lucky enough to get it, but don’t assume it’s guaranteed or anything like that. A lot of you will be relegated to my ignore line instead. You’ll sit there and hear nothing but dead air (or the sounds of whatever I’m doing instead of wasting my time talking to you) while the money drains out of your wallet.

Is it fair? Of course not! But who said money slaves deserved fairness? LOL!

Call your Femdom phone sex Goddess, Ina, now to give me the tributes I deserve.