Male Chastity Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th October , 2012

Male Chastity Phonesex

Ok, we both know that the rule is that you’re not allowed to cum without permission. Unfortunately, a lot of you losers just don’t have that kind of self-discipline. You’ve decided that the best way to handle this is to ask forgiveness after the fact and face my punishment, rather than asking for permission beforehand.

That? Is a bad idea.

My punishment for men like you is more orgasm denial (and a hefty cum tax, of course), but not the kind of denial that you’ve been under. Nope, if this kind of thing happens too many times, you will be buying a chastity device of my choosing and sending me the key to the lock. Want to guess when I’ll be letting you out? Not any fucking time soon.

I’m currently a keyholding Femdom for quite a few slaves. Some are disgraced and being punished, and others are into long-term denial as a form of service. I’ll add your key to my little collection, and then you’ll just have to wait.

And wait. And wait. And wait.

I may let you out eventually. Then again, I may not. And if you think the financial domination is going to stop just because you can’t pull your precious penis out and do that three-fingered jerk off thing you do, then you’re even dumber than you look.

So for all you losers out there who are thinking about breaking your Goddess’s rules, remember that the punishment for doing so is male chastity phone sex.

You have been warned.


Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th October , 2012

Foot Fetish Phonesex

Gather ’round, you dirty little foot slaves. I’ve got a job for you.

You see, even a Goddess like me has to work out to keep this flawless body flawless. That means lots of trips to the gym and lots of sweaty workout clothes to wash when I’m finished. But what’s the use of having slaves if you’re just going to have to do your own laundry, anyway? That’s where you losers come in.

I know how much you love dirty, sweaty socks, so I’ve got a huge pile of them for you to wash right now. And I do mean WASH, not “jerk off into and hope she doesn’t notice.” I’m sure that your inner dirty sock fetish boy is weeping at the thought of the socks not being dirty any longer, but too bad.

If you’ve got the socks and the rest of my workout clothes washed, dried, folded, and put away when I get back home, I’ll share my freshest pair of dirty socks with you. You can lie down in front of me while I wipe my sweaty socks on your face. Then, you little foot fetish slut, you can take my socks off and wrap them around your tiny dick while you worship my dirty feet.

What do you think about that for a nice foot fetish phone sex call with your Goddess Ina?


Ignore Line Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th October , 2012

Ignore Line Phonesex

In the grand scheme of things, being in financial slavery is pretty damn humiliating. Everything about you, everything that makes you a person, has been reduced only to what you’re good for–which is to make money and hand it over to your owner. Your thoughts, your desires, nothing else about you is important. Just your wallet.

But while I will converse with most of my money slaves, some of them are so pathetic that I can’t bear the thought of even trying to carry on a conversation with them. And that’s really bad when you consider that I could talk to a brick wall with no problem. So what do those losers get? My ignore line, of course!

It must be really humiliating to sit there on the end of the phone, letting the minutes tick by and your bank account drain, listening to…nothing. Oh, I suppose you might get lucky and might be able to hear me talking to one of my friends or taking a shower or something. But none of it will be specifically about *you* which will rip your poor little ego all to shreds–as it should be!

Bet you never thought that your Goddess could subject you to humiliation phone sex without even talking to you, did you? LOL!


Forced Bi Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th October , 2012

Forced Bi Phonesex

Heya, boys. Your phone sex Mistress wants to see you down on your knees…and not to worship me. At least, not at first, LOL.

Oh, no, this time you’ll be on your knees because you’ve got a job to do. 😉

What kind of job, you ask? A very special one. So special, in fact, that I don’t want to spoil the surprise before the big moment, so maybe I should blindfold you before we get started. I think that sounds like an excellent idea, actually.

Now, are you ready for your surprise? Well, open wide, baby, because my big black boyfriend is here with his big black cock, and he LOVES forced cocksucking sessions with little white slave boys like you! Show us how you can swallow it all down like a big boy.

Oh, don’t try to pretend like you don’t want it. It’s way too late for that. I already know your secret. When I talk to you, it seems like you want to talk about his dick more than you want to talk about ME. So I figured if you were so interested in it, you should have the so-called forced bi phone sex call you’ve always wanted.

Ready to suck on a BBC? Give your Goddess Ina a call, and we’ll make it happen!


SPH Phone Sex

Posted by on 3rd October , 2012

Small Penis Humiliation Phonesex

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Oh, don’t tell me. I can already guess. It’s yet *another* little slave boy with a tiny little dick. Am I right?

LOL, of course I am! Since when have you ever known your Femdom Mistress to be wrong?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Luckily, your loser ass is in the right place. I know exactly what to do with guys who have tiny dicks…and fucking them is definitely not on the menu. Small penis humiliation is, though. SPH and lots and lots of it!

The idea of turning you into a cuckold so you know just exactly how pathetic you are is not out of the question, either. But for now, we’ll just concentrate on the SPH. There’ll be plenty of time for cuckold humiliation later if that’s the route I choose to go.

Are you getting it yet? This is totally not about what you want. In fact, I really don’t CARE what you want. I only care about me and what I can get out of it. And, really, the only thing I can get out of an itty-bitty cock like that is a good laugh or two. So I’m going to do that for as long as it amuses me. When I get bored with it, you can either shell out some more money, or I’ll move on to something more entertaining. Entirely up to you.

But you’re not going to get anything if you just sit there and jerk off like a dumbass. So call your Goddess Ina now for an SPH phone sex call unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Your dick will be glad you did. Your ego, however….LOLOLOL.


Teasing Phone Sex

Posted by on 29th September , 2012

Teasing Phonesex

When it comes to being a cock tease, some bitches got it, and some bitches don’t. I, of course, totally have it. That’s something every man who’s ever talked to me can attest to, LOL.

It’s so easy for me to get you boys wrapped around my little finger. Then, when I’ve got you tied up in knots, I can make you do ANYTHING I want. This is a very important trait for a money Mistress like me to have, y’know. How else could I drain your little wallets if I couldn’t get into your minds and use all your dirty sexual desires against you? 😉

It’s a gift, really.

I love using men’s hard-ons against them to empty their wallets. It’s amazing what you idiots will do in hopes of being able to cum. Actually, it’s pretty ridiculous, but it works in my favor, so you won’t hear ME complaining about it anytime soon, LOL.

So what do you think? Can you overcome the siren song of your Femdom and the aching and throbbing of your cock? Or will you be yet another to fall Goddess Ina’s teasing phone sex games?

Guess there’s really only one way to find out, huh?


Financial Domination Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th September , 2012

Financial Domination Phonesex

Because I am a good sport, despite what some may think of me, I will play along with quite a few fetish phone sex fantasies. Some of them, I even find a little exciting myself. But I am willing to indulge nearly anything, even if I don’t find it “sexy,” if you’re willing to pay me for it, LOL.

Why? That’s because my first and most important love has always been financial domination. And make no mistake, boys…your paying me to listen to you rattle on about your silly little fantasies is definitely financial domination, even if YOU don’t happen to think of it that way.

You didn’t think I’d listen to you for free, did you? All right then. There’s your answer.

Yep, nearly every interaction you have with me is an aspect of financial domination, and I love it! I wouldn’t have it any other way, in fact. But it’s a mutually beneficial type thing in a way because you get your fetish scratched and I get mine, too. Unless, of course, you’re one of my ignore line losers, in which case, I get my fetish scratched, and you’re just shit out of luck. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. (Though I guess being ignored *could* be your fetish, so who knows? Maybe you’re still getting what you want, and I’m still not having to talk to your dumb ass, LOLOLOL.)

Anyway, regardless of what YOUR fetish is, when you call me, you’re helping me indulge in mine. So start dialing and tell your Goddess Ina what’s on your mind, so I can get *my* financial domination phone sex fetish fulfilled today.


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd September , 2012

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex

Soooo…let me tell you guys what I did last night!

I had a date with one of my favorite big, sexy studs. This particular bull is a huge black man with an equally huge big black cock! As you can imagine, a good time was had by all, LOLOLOL.

The reason I’m telling you about this at all is that I know how much you little cucks out there get off thinking about me fucking a man with a BBC. I’m sure you’re all sporting hard-ons right now thinking about the nice creampie my BBC lover left inside me last night. 😉

Yep, I know how you’ve all got these secret little fantasies that your jerk your tiny dicks to. So jerk your dick to the thought of me getting pounded by that BBC until I was worn completely out…then appeal to your secret forced bi fantasies that you think I don’t know about by imagining him grabbing your head and pushing it down on his cock to clean his cum and my juices off of it when he’s finished!

Turned on yet? Good. Call your Goddess Ina now for interracial cuckold phone sex with a real-life Cuckoldress. I’ll be waiting….


Intox Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th September , 2012

Intox Phonesex

Hey there, boys. Whatcha doing? Having a drink? Oh, good. Don’t stop on my account. On the contrary, please keep going.

Oh, I know, most women wouldn’t be so accommodating. But because I’m usually not an accommodating type of woman, you should probably be suspicious when I am. Don’t worry, though. My own motivations will come out, all in due time. For now, you just keep drinking and don’t think a thing about your Femdom Mistress sitting right here listening to you, LOL!

I do love the loose lips boys have when they get drunk. So tell me everything that’s on your mind. Your favorite phone girl is here to listen to everything you have to say….And why not have another drink while you’re at it?

This is why I love these intox phone sex calls. All I have to do is listen carefully and “mm-hmm” in the right places, and you idiots will give me more than enough information to blackmail you over something different for the rest of your days, LOLOLOL!

So go on and pour yourself another drink. Then, pick up your phone and call your Goddess Ina to make a complete confession. You know you want to.


Femdom Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th September , 2012

Femdom Phonesex

You know, just because I don’t look like your stereotypical “Mistress” or whatever doesn’t mean I don’t know exactly how your mind works and how to deal with losers like you. I am fully aware of my power over you and my inherent Female Supremacy, so there’s no way that you’re going to pull one over on me.

Serving me may be a little different from serving some of the Mistresses you’ve encountered. See, I don’t care so much about what’s going in your head or what gets you off or whatever little subspace you happen to be in. I care about one thing in particular, and that’s draining your wallet.

Yep, if you’re going to serve me, you’re going to submit to my financial domination. Simple as that.

Of course, financial domination comes in many forms, so it’s up to me exactly how we’ll play it. If you’re lucky, it’ll fit neatly into whatever little fetish you have in your head. If not…well, you’ll have to do it, anyway, if you want to be my slave. Hey, nobody said it’d be easy. Many are called, and few are chosen and all that shit.

If you want to see if you can make the cut, then call your Goddess Ina right now for some Femdom phone sex.