Sissy Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th September , 2012

Sissy Blackmail Phonesex

Come closer into my lair, little sissy. I’ll be gentle. I won’t bite. At least not yet.

I want to hear all your dirty little secrets about crossdressing and God knows what else. These secrets of yours are so sweet and juicy, like biting into a fresh, ripe peach. Of course, your secrets are more valuable to me than a piece of fruit. The enjoyment the peach brings lasts only as long as it takes to eat it. Your secrets, however…I can lots and lots of enjoyment out of those for as long as I want.

I’m talking about sissy blackmail, of course. You should know that a money-loving Mistress like me would be all over that. *Smirk*

I bet you’d do all kinds of things to keep these stories–and pictures–of you wearing women’s clothes, wearing makeup, sucking cock, and many other horrifying (to you) things quiet, wouldn’t you? I hope you’ve got deep pockets, bitch boy, because what you consider a fair amount and what I consider a fair amount are likely two different things.

But it’s all worth it, isn’t it? To keep your wife…your girlfriend…your mom…your boss…everyone…from finding out your shameful secret. This is, after all, the price you pay for your confession.

Call Goddess Ina now if you think you can handle blackmail phone sex with the best of the best.


Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th September , 2012

Humiliation Phonesex

Hey, guys! Let’s play a game.

Ok, that may have sounded a little too Jigsaw-y for comfort. Let’s try that again.

Hey, guys! I’ve got this great idea I wanna try out on you SPH and financial domination lovers. Let me tell you about it, and we’ll let your little dick speak for itself about whether or not you like it.

This is what I want you to do. When you call me for your humiliation phone sex session, I want you to turn on your webcam. I want to see JUST how small it really is. Plus, I want to see the kind of effect that my little “game” is going to have on it. 😉

Oh, you’ll also want to bring a ruler or something. I want to see you measure it.

After you’ve done all these things, I’m going to pull up one of those random number generator things online and let it choose a number for us between 1 and 100. Remember that number. You’ll need it in a minute.

Now, as you’re keeping that number in mind, I’m going to tell you a little story. You are not allowed to play with your little cock while I tell you this story, but I won’t punish you for getting a hard-on, as long as you keep your hands where I can see them at all times.

The story will be about my most recent night with one of my big dick studs. So in a way, you’ll be a cuckold by default. The size of HIS dick will be a factor in this story, so keep it in mind.

Once storytime is over, I’ll ask you if you remember the size of my lover’s cock. Let’s hope you do because there will be punishment if you don’t. I’ll give you permission to slowly stroke yourself as I have you subtract the size of yours from the size of his. Mmm, how hard are you getting from this SPH phone sex fantasy?

But you may be wondering where the financial domination aspect comes in. Not to worry. I haven’t forgotten it. When you come up with the difference between his cock size and yours, I’m going to have you multiply that number by the number from my random number generator. Whatever that answer is will be the amount of money you have to tribute you me to being your journey into being my humiliation slut and financial slave.

If your behavior throughout the rest of the call pleases me, I might let you cum. If not, it’s orgasm denial for you.

Sound like fun? Call your Femdom phone sex Goddess, Ina, right now to begin your own personalized humiliation and financial domination game.


Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 3rd September , 2012

Ass Worship Phonesex

My place in this world, as your Femdom Mistress, is to be worshipped and adored. Your place in this world, as my silly little slave boy, is to be my worshipper and adorer. You can surely handle *that*, can’t you?

There are lots of different parts of me that you can worship. Part of my job as the Mistress is to tell you what parts of me I want you to worship on any given day. You didn’t think you got to pick, did you? Ha! Yeah, right. Not on this planet.

So what part of me craves worship today? My ass, as you already know if you read the title of this blog. But I thought I should point it out, anyway. One should never assume about the intelligence of other people, especially when one is dealing with submissive men!

Anyway, I expect my desire for ass worship will bring all the little perverts out of the woodwork. I know how much you little panty-sniffers and ass-lickers love the idea of kneeling behind me as I lean forward a bit and spread my sexy ass cheeks for you.

Or maybe you’re more into facesitting with your ass worship. I can get down with sitting on your face while you do your thing. Reverse facesitting–i.e., me turned around to face your cock–offers lots of opportunities for teasing and maybe even CBT fun.

You know you want some ass worship phone sex with me, Ina, your Goddess among women. So what are you waiting for? Drop your dick and pick up the phone, big spender.


Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th August , 2012

Feminization Phonesex

Heya, sissy sluts! Your Goddess has some fun times in store for you, if you think you’re up to it. 😉

I think you and I need to go on a shopping trip together. It’s getting close to fall, which means it’s time for a new wardrobe for the both of us. So we’re both going to dress up in something cute, do our hair, put on some sexy shoes and accessories, and go to some of my favorite stores! You, of course, will be the one footing the bill for this little excursion, but you don’t mind that at all, do you?

I didn’t think you would. You’d do anything for a little feminization fun with your Goddess, up to and including buying both our outfits on a shopping trip.

It’ll be very exciting, though. We can even stop by the makeup counters at some of the higher-end department stores if you like. I bet the makeup ladies would be glad to give you a nice new makeover….

Ok, sissy boys, it’s time to give your Goddess a call for some feminization phone sex, Ina-style!


Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th August , 2012

Cuckold Phonesex

Oh, look! It’s another cuck! Awesome. 😀

See, your Femdom phone sex Goddess, Ina, is always on the lookout for another cuck to add to her collection. Why? Because it’s fun to hoard them, of course! And because I can always find some good use or other to put them to when need be.

I have to admit, one of the best things for me to use a cuck for is financial slavery. A cuckold financial slave is not like other financial slaves. He’s not just giving me his money and/or buying me things because I’m superior to him. That’s part of it, but it’s not the whole story. He’s also specifically giving me gifts or money to spend on things that I will use to surprise my lovers–nice lingerie, a new outfit, sexy shoes, dinner at a fancy restaurant, all kinds of things.

The only thing more humiliating than turning your money over to me to use because you know you’re pathetic is turning it over to me to use for the satisfaction of another man who ISN’T pathetic like you!

Of course, that’s not all I do with my cuckold phone sex slaves, but if you want to find out those other things, then you’ll need to give me a call. Talk to you soon!


Forced Cocksucking Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd August , 2012

Forced Cocksucking Phonesex

If there’s one thing I love to see, it’s a man on his knees with a dick in his mouth. Not his own dick, of course. Most men can’t manage that. It would be amusing if he could, though, and entertaining for a whole ‘nother reason. But for our purposes today, I’m talking about one man sucking another one off.

Watching a man embrace his previously undiscovered bisexual side is delightful. It’s even more delightful if he doesn’t actually HAVE a bi side and is only doing it to please his phone sex Mistress.

Oh, yes, you should’ve known that forced cocksucking would really get your Goddess’s motor running. But here’s a mindfuck for you–if you suck cock because I tell you to and enjoy it…what does that mean? 😉

I guess there’s only one real way to find out, isn’t there?

I want to see you on your knees with a big black cock in your mouth. I want to watch you deep throat it as your eyes water and your dick throbs between your legs. I want to watch you swallow his cum and then beg me for more….

Call me now for a little forced bi phone sex, Goddess Ina style.


Financial Domination Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th August , 2012

Financial Domination Phonesex

Ok, let’s get something straight here, boys. When you send your Femdom Mistress a tribute, it is for one reason and one reason only–because you know I deserve it.

Now, let’s talk about what a tribute is NOT.

It’s not a bribe. You don’t get to buy my attention. I mean, you can try, I guess, but any tribute you leave me doesn’t entitle you to my attention. If I feel like paying you some attention, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s as simple as that, really, yet so many of you losers can’t wrap your minds around that concept.

Another thing a tribute is not is a guaranteed orgasm. I’m so glad that financial domination gets your tiny dick hard. No, really, I am. Congratulations, loser. But just because you get a hard-on sending me money does NOT mean that I’m going to talk dirty to you so that you can jerk it. If you’re lucky, I might. If I don’t want to, that’s up to me. It has nothing to do with your money one way or the other. Got it?

Now that we’ve got that straight, you’re welcome to open your wallet to me whenever you like. Sooner is better than later, though. The sooner you send cash to your Goddess, the less likely it is that you will be relegated to her ignore line. Understood?

Good. You know what to do now, don’t you? Simply get your phone and call Goddess Ina at the number listed below for the very best in elite financial domination phone sex. Talk to you soon!


Sissy Transformation Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th August , 2012

Sissy Transformation Phonesex

Hi, guys! Your Femdom phone sex is in the mood for a little something special today. And what might that be? I’m glad you asked!

As you already know, I enjoy playing with sissies. Talking about girly stuff with them is often a welcome respite from the constant “Blah, blah, I’m so pathetic, blah, blah, please pay attention to me Goddess, blah, blah” bullshit that I get from a lot of my other slaves. So bring on the sissy boys!

But that doesn’t explain what I’m in the mood for today, does it? Don’t worry, I’m getting to it.

See, as much as I like playing with sissies, I really like taking their feminization further than most Mistresses do and making it a complete sissy transformation. It takes more than a dress and wig to make a lady, you know.

But I know exactly what it takes to make a lady, and that is what I want to do with a sissy boy who wants to become a sissy girl. It will be a rigorous routine, but if it’s what you really want, you won’t mind the work at all. *Smiles*

I’m sure you’ve already figured out how to put together spectacular outfits, but in case you need some help in that area, we’ll start there. Then, we’ll move on to proper grooming. This includes things like shaving/waxing your whole body (or possibly bleaching the hair on your arms), styling your hair, applying makeup, giving yourself manicures and pedicures, and so forth. After that, it’ll be time for some of the more labor-intensive activities, like learning to walk, talk, and act like a woman.

Once I’m sure you’ve got a grip on the basics, I might even teach you to suck and fuck like a woman. 😉

But you won’t get to do any of these things unless you call me, Goddess Ina, for some sissy transformation phone sex. I expect I’ll be hearing from you soon, yes?


Money Slave Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th August , 2012

Money Slave Phonesex

Every slave has his place. Some are foot slaves who worship and take care of my perfect tootsies. Others are cuckold slaves, kept in chastity, laughed at, and used as fluffers and creampie cleanup boys. And then there are the financial domination slaves….

As I’ve said before, pay pigs are at the bottom of the totem pole. They exist only to finance my lifestyle. Not because I need their money, mind you, but because I know I am superior to them, and it amuses me to take their money from them. It is my due, after all. A better definition of Female Supremacy I can’t imagine, LOL!

They give. I take. It’s as simple as that.

But, actually, it’s not so simple. Sure, I’m a greedy money Mistress, but it’s not like they aren’t getting anything out of it. It makes their pathetic little dicks all hard, knowing that they are giving to their Goddess. Plus, they get the added benefit of my attention…briefly. So, for them, for that brief moment, all is right in the world.

Let it not be said that I am not a generous phone sex Mistress. 😉

So tell me…is your calling in life becoming a strong, beautiful Femdom’s money slave? Sometimes, my ranks of foot slaves and cuckold slaves and so forth fill up, and I don’t need any more of them. But a girl can never have too many pay pigs, so you are welcome to apply for the position at any time. All you need to do is call your Goddess Ina at the number below.

Talk to you soon, piggy!


Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th August , 2012

Body Worship Phonesex

Hey there, sluts and slaves! It’s your favorite GODDESS, Ina. Are you ready to show your love and adoration and devotion for me today? You better be because it’s about to time for you to do it!

As you know, financial slavery (yours, of course, not mine) is my favorite way of receiving “tithes” for the Temple of Goddess Ina. However, there are additional ways that you can show how much you worship me as well. (Please notice I said “additional” ways and not “other” ways. You’ll submit to being my ATM slave no matter what. Choosing to worship me in additional ways will NOT get you out of it, LOL.)

What additional ways might there be? Well, there is always body worship. It even has the word “worship” in the name, which makes it especially legit, right?

So, my little devotees, which part of me do you wish to worship today? You’ll need to tithe me first before you begin. But after that, I’m pretty flexible as to which part of me I let my slaves worship. You’ll never have a shot at my pussy, naturally, but the rest of me is fair game.

Body worship phone sex with your Goddess is truly a transcendent experience. So call me now to experience it.