Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 19th May , 2012

Forced Feminization Phonesex

Hey there, sissy sluts. Or maybe I should say soon-to-be sissy sluts….Hehe.

I suppose if you read the title of this blog, then you already know it’s about forced feminization. Congratulations for not being a total fucking idiot. Now, let’s see how long we can keep this streak of yours up, shall we?

It can be fun to play with sissies. It’s also fun to play with men who don’t consider themselves to be sissies, but know that when they choose to their Femdom Mistress, I’m going to do anything I damn well please to them. That’s the way it ought to be, right? So if I want to make them dress up in the girliest or sluttiest outfits imaginable, then that’s what’s going to happen, whether they like it or not. That’s just how this thing works, boys.

And, oh, let’s talk about all the things I’m going to have you do while you’re dressed up. I wanna see you showing off on webcam for me, for one. I’ll get a good kick out of that. Oh, and don’t think I won’t be videoing the whole thing because I totally will be. It might come in handy later for some sissy blackmail, LOL!

So you little sluts need to get off your asses, get your credit cards and your phones, and call your Goddess right now. I’m looking forward to a long night of forced feminization phone sex, and I bet you are, too, even if you are too big of a pussy to admit it.

Call me, bitches.


Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th May , 2012

Cuckold Phonesex

If you know of anything that’s more pathetic than a cuckold, then I’d sure like to hear about it. For my part, I really can’t think of anything that makes a man more of a loser (or at least validates his position as a loser) than being turned into a cuck.

Most men would never admit that they can’t satisfy a woman, even if they know in their hearts that it’s the God’s honest truth. So it’s not so much the fact that a cuck can’t make a woman happy, even though that is kind of pathetic in and of itself. What’s really pathetic about the whole thing is that he freely and readily ADMITS it.

Nothing emasculating about that, huh? LOLOLOL!

As for me, I love big dick, so cuckolding is like second nature to me. I especially like making the small dick losers into black cock cuckolds because, well, black cock is amazing, and the subbies with hidden bi fantasies tend to go crazy over the BBC, too.

Actually, even without the bi fantasies, they seem to get a bigger kick out of knowing I’m fucking black dudes than white dudes. Must be something about being an interracial cuckold that gets to ’em. Hmm.

Oh, well, whatever it is, they like it and I like it and my black lovers REALLY like it, so there’s really nothing else to say about it. 😉

If you want to be Goddess Ina’s cuck, you know what to do. Grab that phone and get to dialing, baby!


Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th May , 2012

Blackmail Phonesex

You might be wondering what kind of man would voluntarily give up all his information to a blackmail Princess. The answer is, a complete loser, LOL!

See, it’s the “voluntarily” part that makes him an idiot. Even the smartest of men can make a mistake and get blackmailed completely by accident. But I don’t mess with those kinds. It’s too much work. I like the ones into consensual blackmail because they’re oh-so-willing to give up all kinds of sensitive information about themselves, knowing all the while that it’s going to be used against them later.

See? Losers, every one of them. But it keeps me entertained and keeps their tiny little dicks hard from the humiliation of the whole thing, so I guess it’s win/win.

It goes without saying that with this consensual blackmail comes a whole lot of financial domination. After all, how else are these idiots going to insure that I keep my mouth shut about their willingly coughed-up secrets (that I don’t even fucking care about because they’re so lame, LOLOLOL) if they don’t offer me hush money? :p

It’s just another way for a money Mistress like me to be spoiled by her devotees!

Want to offer up all your secrets? Call your Goddess now, and I’ll let you know if they’re worth my time.


Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th May , 2012

Tease And Denial Phonesex

What’s up, hand fuckers? It’s your favorite prick tease, Goddess Ina, AKA the one bitch you’ll never, ever, EVER have, no matter how hard you try.

It’s nice to know that *some* things in life are completely unattainable, huh?

That knowledge doesn’t stop you from trying, though, does it? In fact, I think it makes you try even harder. There’s something comforting in knowing that you’re going to fail no matter what. The lack of hope means you can feel free to be your own pathetic loser self without trying to hide it. Not that you’d fool anyone, anyway.

So you try over and over and over, knowing you’re doomed to nothing but tease and denial forever and ever, but trying, anyway. I guess you enjoy the humiliation or something.

Then, inevitably, things turn as they always do to financial domination phone sex. Despite you knowing there’s no way you’re ever going to change my mind about letting you get off, you’re still willing to throw out huge wads of cash to see if you can make it happen.

But we both know you can’t. I guess that’s all part of the humiliation, too.

Wanna see how much your wallet can be drained with a little prick teasing? Call me!


Forced Bi Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th May , 2012

Forced Bi Phonesex

What’s up, little losers? Your phone sex Mistress has got a fantastic idea to put you small-dicked losers to work. I mean, I don’t want to hear you talk, so there’s gotta be a good way to shut you up.

You already know what I’m going for, don’t you? LOLOLOL!

Yep, in order to shut you up so that you’re not whining “But, Goddess” this and “Please, Mistress” that, I’m going to find a cock to go in your mouth. A BIG one, unlike yours. I think a big black cock would be most appropriate, but as long as it’s big, I’m not going to be *too* picky about it.

And while you get on your knees and suck on that big dick like a good little forced bi, I’m going to laugh at you! Oh, and I’ll also be taking pictures, too. You know, just case I need them for later. Such things are really good motivators, y’know. 😉

Besides, it’s another one of those fantastic forms of humiliation phone sex. There’s not much that’s more humiliating for a loser like you than being on your knees with another man’s big dick crammed down your throat.

Wanna see what I mean? Call me, bitches!


Humiliation Phone Sex

Posted by on 3rd May , 2012

Humiliation Phonesex

There are a whole bunch of different kinds of humiliation out there. Your Femdom phone sex Goddess likes using them all. They all have their place because they’re useful at different times for different reasons.

But I think the ultimate form of humiliation is when I ignore you. It means that you’re not even interesting enough for me to bother talking to, not even to laugh at you for being such a loser. I’d rather lay down the phone and go on about my day than even take a precious moment of my time to mock you.

It’s almost sad, really.

It shouldn’t be possible for one person to suck so much.

And let’s not forget the other aspect. You’re steadily humiliating yourself as you’re sitting there, desperately hoping for a word or a laugh for me, but getting nothing. But you still sit there as the bill for the call climbs higher and higher. Ignore lines are really the most humiliating form of financial domination out there, in my opinion.

Not just every man will be ignored by me. Some of you amuse me enough that I don’t mind taking time out from my day to laugh at you or drain your wallet. But others of you aren’t even worth that, and that’s why you get the dubious honor of submitting to the most humiliating of humiliation phone sex calls: Goddess Ina’s ignore line!


Financial Domination Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th April , 2012

Financial Domination Phonesex

Tease and denial is one of those things that goes great with financial domination phone sex. If you tease a man enough, he’ll do absolutely anything to be allowed to cum. And if that means giving away his life’s savings, then so be it.

Men are so fucking stupid.

I think it’s hilarious that your precious little dick means more to you than your bank account. And don’t think I won’t be taking full advantage of it because I totally will. That’s what being a Femdom phone sex Goddess is all about, after all…being an opportunist.

So that’s why I’m going to tease you within an inch of your life. Losers like you always love teasing phone sex. I’m going to let you believe that you even have a shot a cumming if you just do everything I tell you.

Then, I’m going to laugh all the way to the bank!!!!!

You know you want to let me control your useless fucking cock. So call me now for cock control, tease and denial, and financial domination that’s brutal unlike any other you’ve ever experienced before. Start dialing, bitch.


Sissy Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th April , 2012

Sissy Phonesex

One of the things I really love to do to men is a total sissy phone sex transformation. As a complete girly-girl myself, I’m extremely good at turning men into simpering, prancing little sissies.

Most of the time, it’s because these boys come to me, just begging to be turned into little sissy bitches for my amusement. Every now and then, though, I do some forced feminization on some idiot for humiliation purposes. I enjoy both of these things thoroughly!

I don’t just stop at dressing you up in girly clothes and calling it a day. Nope, I’m all about total feminization phone sex. You get clothes, makeup, manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, accessories, the whole nine yards.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, either. After I turn you into a total bimbo, you’re going to do what every other bimbo in the world does. You’re going to get on your knees and suck and fuck like the whore you are. And, no, I don’t care if you actually want to suck dick or not. Remember what I said about forced fem? It works for forced bi, too.

I know you want to be this Femdom phone sex Goddess’s little sissy slut, so you need to get your phone and call me right now.


Money Slavery Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd April , 2012

Money Slavery Phonesex

There are a ton of ways to be a slave and serve your phone sex Mistress. Too bad for you that the only place you’re worthy of holding is that of money pig!

Even cuckold slaves are higher up the totem pole than a stupid pay pig like you, LOL! But I guess that’s just something you’ll have to live with. If you want to serve me, it’s money slavery or nothing.

Haha, yeah, I thought you’d see it my way!

It’s not that I need or even *want* your money. It’s just that I think it’s fucking hilarious to watch you shell it out to me, as if that’s ever going to change my mind about you. Nothing will ever change my mind. No amount of financial domination is going to raise you the slightest bit in my eyes.

So I will continue to ignore you, and you will continue to dig yourself even deeper into the financial slavery hole. And I will just keep laughing because that whole “A fool and his money are soon parted” thing is oh-so-true.

Come on and call me. You know you want to give yourself completely in money slavery phone sex to your Goddess. Don’t keep me waiting!


Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th April , 2012

Ass Worship Phonesex

Check out your Femdom phone sex Goddess’s ass. Isn’t it the most fantastic thing you’ve ever seen? Of course it is. You’ve never been this close to complete and utter perfection before in your pathetic little life!

Of course, when a loser like you sees something so perfect, he’s automatically drawn to it. I’m sure you’d do anything to be underneath me right now, indulging your little ass worship fetish, wouldn’t you?

Lucky for you that I like body worship, or you’d just be shit out of luck. You’d have to drool over my ass from afar, rather than be allowed to worship it.

But I *will* let you worship it, as long as you remember your place. You will do what I tell you, when I tell you, at all times. This is totally about me and my desire to be worshipped, not about you and your desire to worship me. So you will follow my rules concerning ass worship and facesitting.

I’m going to lower myself right on to your face and pin you underneath my luscious ass. Then, you’re going to follow my every instruction. Is that clear?

Good. Now pick up your phone and call Goddess Ina for ass worship phone sex before I change my mind!