Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th October , 2013

Cheating Girlfriend Phonesex

Soooo…your phone sex girlfriend has a secret to tell you.

Well, it may not be such a big secret to you. You may even be smart enough to have caught onto it already. If so, good for you. If not, you’re about to find out what it is today.

You see, your favorite phone girlfriend is also a cheating girlfriend.

I mean, what can I say? It’s not like YOUR itty-bitty pecker was ever gonna satisfy a beautiful high-maintenance Princess like me. So you should’ve expected it. Well, a lot of you already knew, didn’t you? And those of you who didn’t were probably secretly hoping that that was what’s been going on. Oh, don’t even act like that’s not true! I know how your dirty little minds work.

I bet you’ve been reading all my cuckold phone sex blogs and thinking about how hot being a cuck would be. Haven’t you?

Guess what, boys. You don’t have to just think about it anymore. You get to experience it! How exciting is that?

Wanna hear some of my stories about what goes on when we’re NOT together? Of course you do. Well, start dialing, boys, because that’s the only way you’re ever gonna find out!


Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 3rd October , 2013

Foot Fetish Phonesex

I know you think you’re hiding it or whatever, but you’re not. I’ve seen you drooling over my feet plenty of times. Just because I haven’t said anything up until now doesn’t mean I haven’t taken note of every single time I’ve caught you doing it. And let me tell you, it’s pretty obvious to me that you’ve got a huge obsession with girls’ feet.

So, my little foot fetish fucker, what am I going to do with you?

Maybe I’ll let you get down on your knees and worship my feet like the little foot boy you long to be. Will you do a good job to justify this leap of faith that I’m taking to let you do it? Or will you disappoint me and get punishment for your efforts?

If you’re a really good boy, I might even let you rub your tiny little dick between my cute feet and blow your load all over them. Of course, you’ll have to clean up when you’re finished. I figure some cum eating will be good for you.

Let me just go ahead and tell you that you REALLY want to be good. You don’t want to know what happens when I’m disappointed.

Call me, foot slaves!


Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th September , 2013

Body Worship Phonesex

All men think I’m a Goddess. That’s just one of those things that’s kind of a fact of life or whatever. I accept it and move on.

But because they all think I’m a Goddess, they also want to worship me. I’m cool with that, too. I like being the recipient of body worship from a man who actually knows how to do it. It’s really, really nice.

But on the other hand, I’m also a practical Goddess. I know that men aren’t exactly born knowing how to worship a woman. That means they have to learn how to do it properly. And that’s what I do–I teach them, as long as they’re obedient, quick to learn, and respectful.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of worshipping a Goddess like me, there’s no time like the present to get started. You can’t even use “I don’t know how” as an excuse anymore because I’m willing to teach you. So what are you waiting for? I’m ready to get started, and I know you are, too, so give your Femdom phone sex Goddess a call right now.


CFNM Phone Sex

Posted by on 28th September , 2013

CFNM Phonesex

No matter what you guys may say when I ask you, I know the truth. You love to show off your dicks, even if they’re tiny and laughable. It’s a man thing. You can’t get away from it. That’s just how it is.

Of course, me being me, I like to use your exhibitionist tendencies as a way to humiliate you. CFNM fantasies really come in handy for this kinda thing. While I sit back fully dressed, you losers will be getting naked for me while I watch in total amusement.

CFNM can be an end in and of itself, or it can be the beginning of one really awesome small penis humiliation scene. Either one is fine with me. Ok, well, I admit that I like moving on to other types of humiliation better than just stopping with the one, but whatever. If we’ve only got time for the one thing, it’s not like I’m gonna complain. I’ll just expect you to make it up to me later.

Do you like humiliation phone sex? Well, that wasn’t a very good question, was it? Of course you like it. You wouldn’t be here with a hard little dick if you didn’t.

That makes my job that much easier, then. Pick up your phone and call your Goddess Ina now like a good little slut.


Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 19th September , 2013

Blackmail Phonesex

I love separating a man from his money. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve made an entire business out of it. And what can I say? Business is good!

Most of you enjoy tributing your Goddess like good little slave boys, and that’s very good. But some of you have this stupid desire to play on the edge and live dangerously. That’s fine with me, though. I love outsmarting losers during a blackmail phone sex call. It’s not like it’s hard or anything, LOL.

So, yeah, if you wanna hand all your info over to me and think you can get away without paying up, then feel free to try. You won’t succeed, but it’s funny to watch you squirm. I pretty much count on it, in fact. It almost wouldn’t be any fun if you just rolled over and let me take it all, now would it?

And I will TOTALLY take it all…and then some. Guess you’ll have to take on a second job so that I’ll keep all your secrets. Wow, that sucks for you.

Call your phone sex Femdom, Goddess Ina, now. Let’s see if you’re strong enough to take what I dish out.

Spoiler: You’re not.



Forced Bi Phone Sex

Posted by on 16th September , 2013

Forced Bi Phonesex

What’s up, losers?

I bet you’re dying to hear all about what happened this weekend with the date I wrote about in my last post about interracial cuckolding. Well, guess what. You’re going to have to call me up to get the details on that one. Do I look like the kinda girl who’s willing to give up the good stuff for free? Hell, no! All I’m going to say is that I had a freaking AWESOME time.

Actually, there’s one more thing I’ll say. As great as it was, it could’ve always been made better by having a little cuck there to be the fluffer boy. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find one of those, would you…?

Of course you do. We both know that you’d have given your left nut to be there with that BBC in your mouth. You won’t admit it because you’re a bitch, but it’s the truth. You’d tell yourself that Goddess “made” you do it, so you wouldn’t feel like such a faggot, but you’d have been all over that shit.

So don’t keep waiting, bitches. Get your phones and your cards and call your Goddess now for some forced bi phone sex. Talk to ya soon!


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 14th September , 2013

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex

Hey there, guys! What’s up? Do you have some awesome plans for this weekend? ‘Cause lemme tell you, I DEFINITELY do.

See, I’ve got a date tomorrow night with a hot black guy named Darrell. And, yes, for all you little pay piggies out there who are wondering, it was totally YOUR MONEY that bought me the killer outfit I will be wearing out with this sexxxy guy.

And I fully expect that Darrell will be tearing that little black dress off of me by the end of the night. It may look good on me, but it’ll look even better on the floor beside his bed, LOLOLOL!

Which, of course, means that all my little financial slaves out there are going to be turned into cuckolds by default. Yeah, I guess it’s just a technicality, but if it’s a technicality that humiliates you and gives you a hard-on, then who cares, right?

I’m sure that day after tomorrow, I will be more than willing to share the story of the previous night’s exploits with you boys during some interracial cuckold phone sex fun. So go ahead and mark the date, so that you can call me up and hear all the filthy details firsthand. 😉


Strap On Phone Sex

Posted by on 9th September , 2013

Strapon Phonesex

In my opinion, subs always look better when they’re on their knees. Maybe they’re down there worshipping at my feet, or maybe they’re doing something else, but a kneeling sub is preferable to any other kind of sub.

That’s one of the reasons I like strap on phone sex so much. Not the ONLY reason, of course. But one of the reasons. Subs look so good on their knees with one of my big strap on dildos in their mouths. I especially like it when I hold their heads still and face-fuck them! The gagging and choking sounds are utterly HILARIOUS.

On the other hand, subs look good on their hands and knees, too. Well, sure, they’re technically still on their knees, anyway. But whatever. Seeing them up on all fours while I bury my strap on inside their tight little asses is awesome, too. And if you think the noises they make during a face-fucking are funny, just wait ’til you hear the ones they make during an ass-fucking, LOL!

I’m sure you’re just dying to amuse your Femdom Goddess Ina today, aren’t you? Good! You know what to do. Get your phone and call me.


Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th September , 2013

Tease And Denial Phonesex

Men with small cocks are just sooooo funny to me. We both know that there’s absolutely nothing their little dicks can do for me, but they still try, anyway. But, nope, it never works. Their wallets can do something for me, but their little wee-wees just can’t. Sorry, guys.

But I know you can’t help but try, though. It’s just in your nature. So when you call me and tell me that your little dicks are sooooo hard, I just giggle and roll my eyes. You can’t help yourselves.

On the other hand, you should know that I have my own nature as well. That’s why you should never be surprised to be on the receiving end of a little tease and denial when you call me whining about your hard-on.

Oh, well, that’s what happens when you play with a Goddess like me. But that’s really what you want, isn’t it? You wouldn’t know what to do if I were nice to you and let you get off whenever you wanted, LOL.

I’m in the mood to deny a guy or give him a ruined orgasm, so you losers need to go on and pick up your phones and call me right now.

Talk to ya soon.


Roleplay Phone Sex

Posted by on 2nd September , 2013

Roleplay Phonesex

Guys love it when I pretend to be their phone sex girlfriend. I mean, they obviously know that there’s no way they could get a girl as awesome as me in real life. But they’re more than willing to pay for the privilege of pretending that I’m theirs for a little while. And me? I’m perfectly ok with that arrangement!

A lot of times, these phone boyfriends of mine like to roleplay with me. And, sure, that’s cool with me, especially if I get to choose the roleplay. Can you guess what my favorite one is?

The sugar Daddy roleplay, duh!

Guys like it, too. It’s pretty realistic, given our situation, for one. Plus, it makes them feel all big and special that they know how to take care of their high-maintenance sugar baby Princess just the way she likes. Who am I to shatter that little illusion of theirs? As long as the cash keeps coming, I’ll let ’em believe whatever they wanna believe, just like any good sugar baby would.

Is that something you’re interested in? I bet it is. Why don’t you give your Goddess Ina a call and let’s see if your pockets are deep enough to play sugar Daddy for me!