CFNM Phone Sex

Posted by on 21st July , 2013

CFNM Phonesex

As I’m sure you guys are already aware, I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of humiliating the pathetic little loser boys who call me. And clearly they like it, since they keep calling back over and over again. (You know who you are.) 😉

There are lots of ways to humiliate men, and I’m an expert in all of them, naturally. But one of the easiest and most fun ways to do it is with CFNM humiliation!

CFNM, in case you don’t already know, stands for “Clothed Female, Naked (or nude) Male.” The name’s pretty much self-explanatory. You get naked, and I don’t. And while I’m sitting there all comfortable in my clothes, I’ll get to see every inch of you…even the places where there aren’t very many inches, if you know what I mean, LOL!

Oh, yes, CFNM usually turns toward SPH phone sex in a hurry. It’s the perfect showcase for those itty-bitty dicks of yours, so I’m more than happy to take the opportunity to laugh and laugh at them. You like it. I like it. What’s not to love about this?

You want it? Good. You know what to do to get it, then. Call me now at the number down there. Talk to ya soon!


Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 16th July , 2013

Foot Fetish Phonesex

Hey there, losers! What’s up?

I wanna talk to the boys who have a thing for feet today. Mostly because I love seeing a man at my feet because, well, we all know that’s exactly where his ass belongs, right?

It’s so fun to look down at a little footboy fawning all over my sexy feet. Men who have a foot fetish never cease to amuse me. They grovel and whimper and whine and subject themselves to all sorts of humiliation just to worship the lowermost point of my body.

It’s fucking awesome.

I, of course, take advantage of this in every way imaginable. I mean, what kind of Goddess would I be if I didn’t, right? I love to make them beg to touch my perfect little feet and humiliate them for not being real men and so forth. It’s soooo much fun. Besides, they just eat it up and plead for more, anyway.

Want to talk about your fetish phone sex fantasies with yours truly? Well, you know what to do. Grab that phone and start dialing. Who knows, you might get to worship me if you catch me when I’m feeling particularly generous, LOLOLOL!


Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Posted by on 11th July , 2013

Tease And Denial Phonesex

You know something? Men are so much fun to tease! Must be why I’m so good at it, huh? Years of practice and all that. 😉

Plus, they get all stupid when their dicks are hard. Doubly so when they’ve got blue balls. And you know, I just can’t help but fuck with them. It’s in my nature, I guess. But it really is amazing how much more quickly the wallets come open when they’re throbbing and aching for some kind of release. I LOVE when that happens. That’s kinda what being a money Mistress is all about, you know. 😉

Teasing is fun for other reasons, too, not the least of which is that it usually goes along with another one of my favorite things–DENIAL. There’s really nothing in the world better than getting a guy all worked up and then leaving him high and dry. Ok, there are things in the world that are better, but maybe not so much in the world of phone sex, LOL.

Are you a tease and denial fan? I sure hope so ’cause I have all kinds of plans up my sleeve for you. You know what to do. Call me, bitches!


Forced Intox Phone Sex

Posted by on 8th July , 2013

Forced Intoxication Phonesex

What’s up, boys?

Tell me something. What are you addicted to? Besides me, of course. Everybody’s got something that they just can’t let go of. And many of my callers have their own poisons, although alcohol is usually the drug of choice.

Yes, it’s technically called “forced intox,” but just how forced can it really be when you call me, begging me to help you get wasted? Not so much, LOL.

But, either way, I don’t mind helping you out. You know, in vino veritas and all that. I can all kinds of juicy secrets I might not otherwise learn from drunk men. Naturally, I add all these secrets to my little file. You never know when they might come in handy for something, you know. Something like, I don’t know, blackmail phone sex, perhaps? 😉

Do you dare have an intox call with me and risk spilling all that is near and dear to you? That’s a silly question, isn’t it? I already know you dare…and you can’t wait to do it again.

Call me, bitches.


Ass Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 5th July , 2013

Ass Worship Phonesex

Heya, boys. I’ve seen you looking at my ass time and time again. I know how much you wanna touch it. And who can blame you? It is a very, very nice ass. 😉

I’ll even allow you to get your hands on it because I’m so nice and generous and giving like that. I mean, assuming you’re planning on being nice and generous and giving first. That’s kinda how this whole thing works, you know. But, yes, after you show me your own generosity, I will let you worship my ass. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

I do love a good ass worship session, after all. That’s why I’m willing to let you boys do it. If you’re really lucky, I’ll even sit on your face to let you have even better access….But you’ll have to really work for that.

Do you want to worship your favorite Femdom Mistress? Of course you do, LOL! Well, you know what to do. Grab your phone and credit card and call me at the number below.

Talk to ya soon!


Roleplay Phone Sex

Posted by on 1st July , 2013

Roleplay Phonesex

Yep, you boys read that right. It does say “roleplay” in the title. I know you probably weren’t expecting that, but there it is!

Well, here’s the thing. Roleplaying often goes along with this whole high-maintenance phone sex girlfriend thing. And I’m ok with that. You boys can sometimes come up with roleplay ideas that amuse me, so I’ll go along with it as long as it suits me.

I know! Let’s roleplay that you’re taking me shopping! That’s always a good one. And if you’re thinking “So what do I get out of that?”, then you, my friend, are clearly not a sissy boy. Sissies would LOVE to finance a shopping trip for me…and they often do.

But if that’s not your thing, I guess we could come up with something else. You know, if we have to. What did you have in mind? Maybe it’ll be something that interests me. If it does, we’ll talk about it for awhile if you want.

You can get your sexy roleplaying if you want it. All you’ve gotta do is give me a call. Talk to you soon, boys.


Sissy Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th June , 2013

Sissy Phonesex

Sissies are really funny to me. They know they look totally ridiculous in their wannabe-girl outfits, but that doesn’t stop them. In fact, I think it adds more fuel to their fires because the more ridiculous they look, the more humiliation they get.

But I don’t mind, though. Humiliation is one of my specialties. It doesn’t matter to me if a guy is naked or wearing a sissy maid’s outfit. I can laugh at his dumb ass either way, LOLOLOLOL!

But if a guy wants to dress like a slut, you can bet that I’m gonna treat him like one. Putting him on his knees to suck on a big cock is pretty much the ultimate in humiliation for dudes like that, anyway, right? I think a little forced bi is just what a bimbo slut needs.

In fact, I’ve got the perfect cock in mind for you little sissy sluts out there. Does it surprise you at all that it’s a big black cock that I’m thinking of? It really shouldn’t.

Why don’t you go on and grab that phone? Dial the number below if you dare….


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th June , 2013

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex

Hey there, losers! How are all my small penis humiliation fans doing tonight?

Me? I’m doing great! Why? Because one of my favorite BBC lovers is on his way over as we speak. He’s got a little ways to drive, so it’ll be a bit before he gets here. But whatever, he’s on his way, and I’m excited! In every sense of the word, LOL.

I’m sure all you naughty little cuckold sluts are probably just as excited as I am to hear the news. You know that your Goddess will have a brand-new cuckolding story to share with you if you’re good boys and please me enough to make me want to reward you with such a thing.

I plan on having all kinds of fun with that big black cock tonight. Don’t you wish you could be here? Poor you. You’ll just have to hear about it secondhand, rather than hear it firsthand. But I’m sure all your dreams tonight will be filled with images of me taking BBC hard in all my holes, won’t they? LOL!

I suppose it’s a good goad for you to call me tomorrow for interracial cuckold phone sex, though, right? 😉


Financial Domination Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd June , 2013

Financial Domination Phonesex

Hey there, losers! How are those wallets doing today? Nice and fat, I hope.

Don’t worry. They won’t stay that way for long, LOL!

Of course you know that your favorite money Mistress always needs more wallets to bleed dry. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re a brand-new pay piggy or one I’ve used before who’s coming back with a freshly filled bank account. I may be extremely picky about many other things in my life, but pay piggies are not one of those things.

So bring yourselves and your wallets on over here so that you and I can have ourselves a nice conversation. You know, a conversation about you giving all your money to me because I’m a Goddess and therefore deserve it. Typical financial domination phone sex conversation, y’know.

On the other hand, if I find you super-boring, I may just send you to my ignore line instead. I mean, I’ve got way better things to do than be bored by losers, but I’m nice enough that I’ll let them stay on the phone and keep giving their money to me. I’m just awesome like that.

Ok, guys, time to let those wallets loose! Gimme a call.


Big Black Cock Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th June , 2013

BBC Phonesex

Hey there, all you cocksucking and ass-fucking sluts! Are you ready to indulge all those nasty fantasies of yours? Good! Come on in, and let’s get started.

I’ve got a surprise for you today. I’m having a friend over that you can play with if you want. I’m just going to sit back and watch the show that the two of you are going to put on for me.

Oh, yes, my friend’s got a huge big black cock that I’m going to love watching you fuck and suck. If you ask me nicely, I might even join you. Then again, I might just watch and enjoy. Either one works well for me.

I want you to show me how much you love that BBC. You can do that, right? I know you can because I know how much you want it…how much you crave it…how much you ache for it. So now I’m making your fantasy come true because I’m all nice like that. You’re welcome. Your wallet can thank me more appropriately later.

For now, I wanna see you get to it. Big black cock phone sex is one of my favorites because I get to watch you boys perform for me. So don’t make me wait for one of my favorite things. Call your Goddess Ina right now!