Body Worship Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th May , 2013

Body Worship Phonesex

Hello there, boys! Come close and tell me how much you love and adore your Goddess. Actually, you don’t *have* to tell me. I already know. It’s just nice to hear it right from your lips.

You know what else that you can do for your Goddess? You can worship me. body worship is another one of those things that’s nice to get right from your lips. But only if you think you can handle it. I bet better men than you have damn near lost their minds just looking at my body, so I hope you can handle touching it without making a total ass of yourself.

Of course, you will only be touching the places I give you permission to touch and only in the ways I give you permission to touch them, but that’s beside the point. I don’t need you passing out while you’re supposed to be doing foot and leg worship or whatever. Got it?

Good. You already know what to do, don’t you? See that number down there? You’re supposed to call it. Go get your phone and your card and do it now. The sooner you call, the sooner you can worship me. And that IS what you want, isn’t it?

Don’t keep me waiting.


Cocksucking Phone Sex

Posted by on 4th May , 2013

Cocksucking Phonesex

Hey, guys!

So let’s get right on down to this, why don’t we? (HA! Down, which is totally where you’ll be in a moment.) I know you’re a cocksucker wannabe. You know you’re a cocksucker wannabe. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are living in a glass closet where EVERYONE around you knows you’re a cocksucker wannabe. Which means that would make you totally useless for blackmail, at least in that respect, but that’s beside the point today.

But since you, me, and probably everyone else already know this about you, then there’s no sense in trying to beat around the bush. Let’s just go ahead and get right to the cocksucking lessons that you so desperately need. I’ll teach you by having you suck on my strap on first. Then, when I think you’re ready, I’ll arrange a get-together between you and one of my big black friends. And me, of course. I’ll definitely want to be there to see it, LOL!

Are you ready to begin your cocksucking lessons with your one and only Goddess, your phone sex Femdom, Ina? God knows I’m ready to put you on your knees and face-fuck you, LOL. So don’t keep me waiting. Pick up your phone and call me right now!


Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 30th April , 2013

Feminization Phonesex

Well, it’s that time of year again.

What time, you ask? It’s time for me to go on my annual spring shopping spree! And you, of course, will be paying, so get that platinum card ready. You can’t have your Goddess in last year’s designer clothes, now can you?

Oh, I suppose I should let you do some shopping as well. After all, a little sissy bitch like you would absolutely jump for joy at the thought of a new Lilly Pulitzer sundress, wouldn’t you?

But me first. After I’ve found all that I want in each store, then I’ll help you choose a few things. I’m generous like that, you know. I will let you indulge your little fetish, as long as I am properly taken care of. Got it? Good.

I’ll even help you out with your feminization process. Most guys could definitely use the help, LOL!

So, you know, don’t think of it as financial domination. Think of it as spoiling and pampering your Goddess while also learning some things about how to make yourself look beautiful. Not as beautiful as me, of course, but *nobody* is as beautiful as me. I’ll help you be at least a 7, though.

Call me, bitches!


GFE Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th April , 2013

GFE Phonesex

Hello there, boys. How are you today? I’m doing great, but I’ll be even better after my boyfriends spoil me a little. 😉

I know that won’t be a problem for you. You love your phone sex girlfriend Ina and want her to have everything she could possibly need or want, right? So treating me like the Goddess I am shouldn’t be at all difficult for you.

But I’m not worried or anything. I have faith that you’ll do everything possible to ensure my comfort and happiness! 😀

See, as long as I am comfortable and happy, I will make sure that you are, too. I’ll be the most attentive girlfriend ever. Sure, in the back of your mind, you’ll know that I’m with you because you’re my sugar Daddy, but I won’t make it be about overt humiliation…unless you want me, too, of course. It’ll be our little secret. And if we never speak of it, it’s like it doesn’t even exist!

So why don’t we get together and talk? I’m not going to fuck you, but I’ll be happy to give you some masturbation instructions to help you get off, as long as you do what it takes to make me happy.

Want the very best girlfriend experience (GFE) ever? Call me now!


Strap On Phone Sex

Posted by on 22nd April , 2013

Strapon Phonesex

Sooo…lemme tell you guys something. I just got a new dildo today, sent to me from one of my many, many admirers. It’s a ridiculously large black silicone cock that fits perfectly into my strap on harness. You see where this is going, right? 😉

Of course I’m going to have to break this thing in soon. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find some volunteers to be the guinea pig, would you?

I do love being a strap on Femdom. You guys squeal so nicely when I stick my big cock inside you. And given the size of this bad boy I just got in the mail, I’m betting you’ll squeal like you never have before when I use it on you, LOL!

I’m looking forward to putting it in your mouth first and then bending you over and sliding into your little ass. It’s going to be a tight fit, but you’ll take it just for me…won’t you?

Good. Very good. Now all you have to do is pick up your phone and call me, your Goddess Ina, at the number below for a taste of this gigantic new dildo during a strap on phone sex session. Talk to you soon!


Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 20th April , 2013

Blackmail Phonesex

Everybody has secrets that they don’t want other people to know about. They may have shared them with the people who are closest to them, or they may be playing their cards a little closer to the chest and have not told anyone. But you know what? I’ve learned that with the proper motivation, people can be persuaded to spill just about anything.

Ok, that sounded kind of ominous. I (probably) won’t be doing terrible things to you to make you tell me your secrets. It’s more likely that I’m just going to subject you to a lot of tease and denial until you have major blue balls. You’ll be aching for release so badly that you’ll tell me anything. It works every time because men are simple.

Once you start begging me to let you tell me all your innermost secrets so that you can cum, I’ll be taking notes. I’ll even be nice and let you cum once I’m finished getting all the info I need. You deserve it, given what I’m going to put you and your wallet through next.

Ready to play for real? Nobody else does blackmail phone sex quite like I do. You know you’re interested, so start dialing!


Facesitting Phone Sex

Posted by on 15th April , 2013

Queening Phonesex

Hello again, boys. Have you come back to drool over your Goddess’s perfect body again?

Oh, how silly of me. There was really no need to even ask that question, was there? Of COURSE you’re here to drool over me. You do it all the time, so why should today be any different, right?

Ok, well, it may be a little different because I might actually allow you to worship me today. More specifically, I might allow you to perform some ass worship today, as long as you’re a good boy. Sound interesting?

Naturally, the best way to do this is with a little facesitting You should probably go on and get ready for that. Find yourself a nice, comfy spot to lay down because I will bringing my booty on top of your face in a very short time. Not that I imagine you’ll mind. I bet your little cock is already throbbing, just from thinking about it, isn’t it?

I love the fact that facesitting is also called Queening. That’s pretty much the perfect term for it, isn’t it? It elegantly sums up an entire power dynamic in one simple word!

Ready? Good. Start dialing, sweetie. You can have your tongue between my sexy cheeks in no time. 😉


Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Posted by on 13th April , 2013

Foot Fetish Phonesex

Hey there, boys. I hope you’re ready to spend some time on your knees because I’m in the mood for a nice foot worship session from a guy who knows what he’s doing down there. That’s the only way any woman will ever mention “down there” and “you know what you’re doing” in the same sentence in reference to you. :p

But I’m feeling generous today, so I’m willing to allow you little sluts a go at your Femdom Mistress‘s sexy feet. Be sure to remember how generous I’ve been to you and return the favor next time.

It’s not a huge sacrifice for me to allow footboys to lavish attention on my feet, anyway. I enjoy a good pedicure or foot massage, and I don’t even mind all the kissing and licking that usually goes on when a footboy is worshipping my feet. You know, as long as he doesn’t get too sloppy with it. That’s kinda gross.

Are you a little foot fetish fucker who desperately wants to serve at the feet of his superior Goddess? Of course you are. Then, you know what to do, right? Get out those wallets and those phones and start dialing.


Sissy Cuckold Phone Sex

Posted by on 7th April , 2013

Sissy Cuckold Phonesex

Hey there! What’s up, losers? Well, besides your little dicks underneath those panties you’re wearing.

Oh, you thought I didn’t notice? Of course I know! I can tell a sissy boy just by the way he acts. It’s easy enough if you know what to look for.

But, you know, I’ve been thinking about something. I have plenty of sissies who serve me, and there are plenty more waiting to be allowed the chance to do so. There’s really nothing to differentiate any of them. If you’ve seen one dude in a dress, you’ve seen ’em all, really.

So you’re nothing special. You’re just more of the same. That means you’ve gotta wait for my attention like everybody else…unless, of course, you can show me that you’re worth my time.

How, you ask? Well, at the moment, I don’t have that many sissy cuckolds. I could use a few more of those. If you were able to prove that you’re good at being a cuck while you’re dressed up like a whore, then you’d be far more likely to get my attention.

Oh, you ARE a sissy cuck? Very good, then. I could put you to work immediately. Why don’t you call your Goddess Ina for some cuckold phone sex and show me how good you are at being a little cucky?


Ruination Phone Sex

Posted by on 3rd April , 2013

Ruination Phonesex

Hey there, sluts and money slaves! What’s up? Well, besides your tiny little dicks, that is.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood today for some wallet draining. Of course, there’s never going to be a time when I’m NOT in the mood for it, but the desire for it today is even stronger than usual. That means I need some of you losers to come on and give up control of the purse strings to your one and only Goddess Ina!

I know you will. I won’t even have to do anything. You’ll offer them to me because you can’t help but want to give me everything you have. It’s your place in life to serve a superior Goddess, and this is the best way you know how. And when I drive you to financial ruination? You’ll just be grateful to me for putting you in your place.

So come on and let’s get started, shall we? There’s always time for you to serve your Femdom Mistress, wallet-first.

You know what to do. Get your phone and your credit card and start dialing. Oh, and you might wanna kiss your bank account balance good-bye before you call. 😉

Talk to you soon!