Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 25th February , 2014

One of the best parts about being a financial Mistress is figuring out the perfect way to take a dude’s money away from him. I’ve got lots of different ways of doing it, but it’s lots of fun learning the best way to go about doing it for each guy. Some of you need to […]

Intox Phone Sex

Posted by on 2nd January , 2014

So…I’m betting New Year’s Eve was a great night for lots of you boys. New Year’s Day might not have been so good, though, LOL. But I’m sure you enjoyed your NYE while it lasted, right? Now, while I wasn’t around for your calls on NYE (I was too busy going out and partying myself), […]

Blackmail Phone Sex

Posted by on 26th December , 2013

Did you know that, back in the day when there weren’t as many laws against it, professional blackmailers abounded everywhere? In my opinion, those people had the right idea. I suppose you could say that I’m a modern-day blackmail professional. Only I work smarter, instead of harder. You won’t find me digging through rich people’s […]

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Posted by on 4th May , 2013

Hey, guys! So let’s get right on down to this, why don’t we? (HA! Down, which is totally where you’ll be in a moment.) I know you’re a cocksucker wannabe. You know you’re a cocksucker wannabe. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are living in a glass closet where EVERYONE around […]

Intox Phone Sex

Posted by on 18th September , 2012

Hey there, boys. Whatcha doing? Having a drink? Oh, good. Don’t stop on my account. On the contrary, please keep going. Oh, I know, most women wouldn’t be so accommodating. But because I’m usually not an accommodating type of woman, you should probably be suspicious when I am. Don’t worry, though. My own motivations will […]

Feminization Phone Sex

Posted by on 21st July , 2012

Sissy phone sex is fun and all, but sometimes, you get these really lame dudes who aren’t into it. If I’m in the mood to see a man wearing women’s clothing, then that’s what I want to see, you know? And I don’t really care if that’s “your thing” or not. The halfway intelligent men […]